Founded in Reverence
The Meaning of Veveri
The Meaning of Veveri

The Meaning of Veveri

Creative projects often point to story and lifestyle to sell products and services. The roots of Veveri are based in reverence for nature. This reverence branches out into the plurality of meanings connected through stories of service, power, and social changes. Additionally, such as the way of good things take time, the energy of Veveri also involves an internal journey connecting the inner life with the outer world..

After making a small and simple choice to quit smoking by replacing the action with knitting, the practice developed throughout art school experiences as a practical means of self-soothing, connecting artistry and world history, while servicing a change in cultural conscience around the way people relate with life and each other..

The way people care for and decorate their bodies and spaces are ideally arts of love. This ideal relates with the principles Veveri grows from. Vev is the Norwegian word for tissue. The meaning of tissues strikes a kinship between body and material as all that humans are made of connects with the material and the spiritual. Spirit etymologically means psyche. Therefore the psychological understandings connect with histories of the Hjulafossen Veveriet and Veveri Castle.

Creative projects often point to story and lifestyle to sell The Veveriet in Oslo experienced a boon as a textile producer powered by waterfalls along Oslo’s Akerselva River during the women’s rights movements. The Veveri Castle has an incredible bohemian story of family and social folly and gain…

These histories connect with balancing traditions and virtues in feminine and masculine energies. Veveri Co. formed slowly not only over decades, but truly centuries. As every molecule in our beings reveals mutable qualities, the Veveri Co. project has evolved in service to remember the human responsibility to choice through the way the psyche relates with nature..

Thank you for being part of our evolution.

Hjula Veveri, courtesy of:
Veveri Castle, courtesy of:ř%C3%AD_Castle

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