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Founded in Reverence





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Veveri Co.

Formed in 2009, by Rachel Wolfe, Veveri Co. provides handcrafted services to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.
Each long-lasting item is hand-knit to support the well-being of your body and home. We exclusively use the highest quality, ethically sourced materials.
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Our Customers Say


  • The scarf is a bit like having a dream of a northern fairy visiting me in my sleep and waking to find her scarf when she left. Feel a little bit somewhere else when I wear it; beautiful feeling.  – Norbert A., Cologne, Germany


  • I commissioned two gorgeous scarves from Rachel–one for myself and one of my mother–and we LOVE them. They are so well-made, beautiful, warm, sophisticated and true statement pieces. I can also feel Rachel’s incredible energy radiating through my scarf and I always keep it close in my studio for warmth and inspiration. Thank you, Rachel!  – Tracy G., Evanston, Illinois


  • My Woolie is soft and cozy; the perfect thing to keep my neck warm on cold days and nights. Rachel took the time to choose colors that fit my taste and personality. Thank you!  – Jonathan S., Los Angeles, California


  • The most wonderful scarf EVER! Thick, soft, warm -made with skill and love. I could not be more happy with the colors. And it was delivered right on time. I am now ready for the winter! Thank you Rachel, may your hands be blessed!  – Lucia O, Oslo, Norway


  • I absolutely adore the scarf that was made for me! It’s super soft, cozy, and the fit is perfect. I was afraid the wool would be scratchy, but it is not at all – the yarn is very soft and warm. Highly recommend! Shipping was very fast, too!  – Tonya H, Colorado


  • The knitted scarf we received was crafted of fibers balanced just right together. Not just the colors but the combinations of material working in harmony and creating a piece that is timeless!  – Kurt D., Michigan


  • Saw the artistic scarfs on-line recognizing the perfect Christmas gift. I let my wife select a color blend. She chose the “oatmeal.” We contacted Rachel and made the order. The scarf arrived on time and was beautiful. It’s dimensions are approximately 20in / 40cm wide and 64in / 162cm long. It is very warm, my wife loves it.  – John T, Grayslake, Illinois


  • I received the most wonderful scarf as a Christmas present. An alpaca-wool scarf braided into a loop with colors of light purple and blue that blended beautifully together. The warmest scarf I ever owned, yet also very fashionable. Flawless craftsmanship. If you live in a cold climate as I do, you will be grateful you have this to keep you warm. Five stars for sure!  – Terri S, Highland Park, Illinois


  • Having me and my daughter in mind, Rachel designed and chose the colors and thread for the hand made scarf. When we wear it, I perceive how people know that the scarf was made with personalities in mind and it is particular. The scarf is warm, soft, and the length is perfect for the body of the thread. Rachel’s scarfs are a fashion statement that represents care, that’s the reason why I love them so much.  – Marcela G, Pistoia, Italy


  • Rachel practices a sincere devotion to her craft, art and conduct as a professional. She can be trusted to deliver her work in a timely manner with exact follow through and attention to detail. I am a happy customer and look forward to seeing and purchasing more of Rachel’s work. – Aaron S., Lexington, KY


  • Saw the artistic scarfs on-line recognizing the perfect Christmas gift. I let my wife select a color blend. She chose the “oatmeal.” We contacted Some time ago I asked Rachel if she could make me a scarf, and she could. Not only did she help me in choosing the type of wool but also the color combination. A nice thick darkblue with thinner earthy details that fit my personal preference. On top of that I got regular updates on the progress of her making it. When I received the scarf it was accompanied with a kind hand written personal note. The scarf is what I hoped it to be: male, warm, soft, and long enough to generously hide away in on a cold day. Last but not least the scarf was scented with a wonderful faint hint of wood and soft spice. This scarf turned out more than just something to keep me warm; It came accompanied with the comforting embrace of it’s makers personality.  – Gerard de Vrueh, Netherlands


  • I am a very satisfied customer of Rachel craft products. I bought a blanket and two infinity scarfs. The quality of what I ordered and received was above my expectations. Products I received they were made with passion and customised according the guidelines I gave. Trustful and very easy communication with Rachel. – Francesco B., Norway


  • I private commissioned Rachel Wolfe to custom-tailor a personally-selected coloured wool scarf for me. Her exceptional standards and care using only the highest-caliber quality snuggle-soft wool is something incredibly rare, valued and appreciated. The technical craftsmanship is noticeably top-notch. – Peter A., Santa Rosa, California


  • More than a very high quality scarf with luxurious, soft, warm and fluffy wools; a hand-made fashion creation in Norway by a fully talented artist, Rachel Wolfe! The Perfect fusion of the Art of Fashionable Clothing and Comfort for Winter Rachel’s Magical Scarf! I highly recommend having one or more made to measure now! for your personal use or for the pleasure of offering.  – Bruno W., Paris, France


  • I ordered a knitted hat from Rachel. The process was so fun. We talked style and colour. She showed me online the colours I could choose from. She kept me updated on how it was going. This was so fun to be a part of the process and not just buying a hat off the shelf. I am enjoying it and have gotten several compliments from my friends. Thank you Rachel. I look forward to years of use.  – Dan M., Germany


  • Delicious and soft wool plaid, which can warm even on the coldest days and it does not scratch. I use it both as a blanket, bedspread and plaid and since wool is unique in being able to insulate against both heat and cold, it is in use all year round. Wool is nature’s own choice of clothes, and therefore also my choice.  – John W., Denmark


  • I was blessed to receive a one-of-a-kind scarf, made with love and care from Rachel Wolfe. I only was able to wear it once this winter due to scheduling, and with that “taste” I’m really looking forward to having it around my neck much more often when winter arrives. Being from California and moving to another state with snowy winters, this work of art will go a long way toward keeping me warm and cozy. Thank you for the beautiful piece of art, such a higher quality than mass manufactured clothing, reflecting your talented sensibilities Rachel!  – David D., Boise, Idaho


  • I could not be more happy with the scarf Rachel created for me. I told her what oclors I wanted and she made me a beautiful and warm piece of art that I will keep forever! Not only is it warm and beautiful, you can feel her love and creativity that went into it! Thank you Rachel; you truly are a gifted artist. – Wally M., Chicago, Illinois


  • The hat is handmade by Rachel with the best merino wool, and thanks to her advice we have come to agree on an excellent colour mix, plum and black. The yarn is soft, warm, naturally scented. The attention to detail is excellent and the knitting is precise and represents a fantastic link between traditional craftsmanship and artistic achievement. Rachel is an artist create objects that are unique pieces. She advises and personalises the project according o the client’s specifications. The creative possibilities are unlimited for the choice of yarns, shapes, sizes, and colour combinations. I give the maximum score to the product, the service, the communication and the artist of course. Highly Recommend. – Andrea V., Italy








Tuesday through Friday: 7AM – 2PM & 4PM – 8PM

Saturday: 10AM – 3PM

Sunday & Monday: By Appointment

Place Orders by Email CONTACT@VEVERI.CO

Connect with Veveri Co. on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.
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Veveri Co. is an international artistic project serving North America, Europe, and Asia.
Scarf $120
Long Scarf $180
Thinking Cap $80
Single-Blanket $1000
Double-Blanket $2400
Entirely new items and commissioned artworks are possible upon request.
Scarf $180
Long Scarf $240
Thinking Cap $120
Single-Blanket $1800
Double-Blanket $3000
$35 – $50 for national/international shipping with tracking.
Shipping fees cannot be refunded and are paid prior to sending. Import/duty fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Consultations are free for commissions. Commissions require advance downpayment to begin work. For special projects, dialogue is offered as part of the process. All sales are final.